Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finding money for college in a recession

Just because the economy has tanked does not mean you can't get money for college. But, you do have to think and do things differently.

First and foremost, you need to think cost savings. You can save money by staying home and going to a local state or community college. The cost difference between that and moving away and staying in a dorm is enormous.

Your family needs to know! Contact all of your close relatives who you have a relationship with and ask them for money. Yes, ask! Many relatives would love to help you out. Let them sponsor your books or other fees, as well as funds for a general budget. Get tips on saving on college textbooks.

If you are going to an out of state or area college, don't apply to just one. Many colleges will offer a better financial aid package than the next one. In the end, it really does not matter much where you graduate from. Learn some financial aid secrets.

Get a part-time job. This may sound awful, but many do just fine working and going to college. Jobs are tough to come by now, but many still exist for students. Come up with your own: babysitting, dog walking, etc. 5 jobs that college students can get now.

If you or your family has extra financial burdens or situations, contact the college's financial aid officer. They are there to help you!

Get good grades and apply for the colleges scholarships. Many have plenty of money for performance based in house scholarships and grants.

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