Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cheap Christmas Gifts

College students have very little money to spend on Christmas gifts. So, what are you going to do? Buying a Christmas gift just as a token is a waste of money. Here are some ideas for cheap Christmas gifts.

Give a photo of you. A print a photo from your digital camera for less than a buck, then pick up a frame at Walmart or other store and you have a nice gift. College students have plenty of photos, right?

Are you an artist or craft person? Make an original work of art. The cost of supplies can be very reasonable, and you may be able to make multiple gifts. As a college student, you may be able to pick up some free supplies at school.

Write a poem, copy it in fancy handwriting or computer script and frame it.

Offer your services. A friend or relative may need help with yard work, house work, or other chore. Even babysitting.

Perhaps these few cheap Christmas gift tips will you get you thinking of even more.

College students cannot afford to let Christmas leave them in debt or spending money on gifts that are not really needed. Even though you are a college student now and grown up, you will realize that thoughtful gifts are still the most appreciated.

Remember, you need to get through college as cheap as possible. Saving money on gifts will help in the long run.

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