Tuesday, December 1, 2009

College graduates find a slow job market

Graduates of 2009 are finding it hard to land a good paying job. This is the worst it has been in recent memory. Obviously, the economy has something to do with it. But there is some hope for college students.

The unemployment rate for those with a bachelor's degree is at 5%. While this is at a higher level than last year, it is still well below the national average of over 10%. Keep this in mind if you think college does not count.

You may have to alter the way you do a job search or even accept a job. You may need to get into a company at a lower level than you planned. But a foot in is a foot in. You also may need to look at other companies that are a little off of what your major was. Do some creative job planning. Find out what companies are hiring and what you have to offer them. Get more information and help with finding a job after graduating.

And don't forget graduate school. Graduate school allows you to stay a full-time student and put off a job search. But choose graduate school wisely, and remember it may put you in more debt. Here is more information on getting into graduate school and financing it.

College graduates will always earn more and be in higher demand than non-degree holders. So stay in school and graduate. But also remember you may need to change your traditional job search. Learn more on preparing for job interviews.

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