Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to get a bigger financial aid award

How to get more financial aid

It may sound simple, but be first in line. That is, have your FAFSA done and all your papers into the financial aid office as early as possible. If you are near the back, there may be no money left for you!

Accuracy counts. Make sure you review your answers. Over stating your income will keep you from getting more financial aid. But don't under state it either. Just be honest and accurate.

Let the financial aid office know of any circumstances in your family that makes you different financially than another similar student. if you can show hardships or other money problems, the financial aid office has the ability to up your award. But don't lie.

You can also have colleges compete for you. If your current school or the one you going to has a lower award than another school, let them know. See if they will match it or make it better. Schools want to keep you as a student.

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