Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to get scholarships - the real story!

Many students think they cannot get scholarships. Other students think that they will just breeze into a scholarship. The current economy has turned all of this around. You need to know exactly how you should go about getting a college scholarship.

The first and foremost thing is to apply early! You need to be in on the first wave. If not, your scholarship application will never be seen, no matter how great it is. Find out when you can start applying for your desired scholarships. Many colleges are having cut-off dates and you need to get your FAFSA in ASAP. You can start filling it out in January.

Be the best student you can be. In fact, be better than anyone else. Colleges pride themselves by having top-notch students. They want them! If you are the cream of the crop, a college WILL offer you a scholarship. In fact, many colleges will up your financial aid IF you are first class, and you have been admitted elsewhere. Your current school may not want to lose you and will offer you more.

Another good tip is to apply for different schools, even if you are currently enrolled in a college. Transfer! No shame in going where the money is!

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