Friday, January 8, 2010

Easier to apply for financial aid

In order to get any financial aid for college, from student loans to grants and scholarships, you do need to fill out your FAFSA.

But this year filling out the fafsa form should be easier. If you had a lot of trouble in the past, this year's fafsa has been shortened. That is, fewer questions to answer.

To make it even easier, get all of your financial documents in order, as well as your parents. With all numbers in front of you, filling out the fafsa can be streamlined.

Even if you or your parents have not filed income taxes, you can still fill out a fafsa and make estimates. Then later, you can make changes. It is very important to fill this form out as soon as possible. There may be limited money in the grant and scholarship pool and the early student gets the cash.

Oh by the way. The simplified version of the fafsa is ONLY available online. If you choose to fill out a paper form, expect to spend the same amount of time. This is to get college students to only use the online form. Remember, fill out your FAFSA here.

If you think you need help filling out the fafsa, there are volunteers all over to help you. Many YMCAs and churches are giving you free help. There are many other organizations to help you as well. Just contact a local YMCA.

Get that FAFSA in early! In fact, even now many college students have already done so. What are you waiting for?

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