Thursday, July 1, 2010

Student Loan Consolidation

A college degree is worth getting. You can earn a lot more in relation to non-degreed workers. But paying for college has gotten very expensive. Most students will need to take out loans. Many will have more than one type to make it through college. If you have graduated, have more than one loan, you can get help in repaying them. Consolidation is a great way to make your student loans more manageable.

Do you have a few student loans and are scurrying to make payments? Is each month of bill paying driving you nuts with all the student loan payments you make? You can consolidate your loans and get a cheaper payment.

If you have more than one direct student loan from the government, you can get better payment terms, a low fixed interest rate, and even extend the period you have to repay it.

There is no minimum to consolidate. You can get lower monthly payments. There are numerous payment options available. Any forbearance or deferments are still in place and available. You won't be charged a penalty to repay early. Consolidation of your federal education loans is free! If you signup for autopay each month, you can even get a lower interest rate. One payment a month makes it very easy to manage. What are you waiting for? It's very easy to apply online. Start here.
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