Monday, June 18, 2012

Graduate degrees that are not worth it

After getting an undergrad degree, many students want to immediately go on the graduate school, or, a professional school. The thinking is you will get a better job with more money. But the cost of grad school on top of your previous student loans, make a mountain of student debt. Some graduate degrees just do not pay off. Here are a few to avoid.

Weather- A graduate degree in meteorology has little chance of paying off. It is true that if you are looking for a research position, then a graduate degree is necessary. But those jobs are few and far between, and are most likely at universities. For the normal meteorologist, there really is no pay difference between those with advanced degrees and those without.

Lawyer- You must go to a law school to be a lawyer. This is after you have completed undergrad work. The pool of spots for lawyers is shrinking. Upwards of 80% of the law degree students are still looking for a job in the field. Normally, your college of choice does not matter. But here it does. If you go to a well-known and well-respected law school, chances are you will get a job offer. But the majority of law schools are not one of those elite colleges. Those graduates have a very tough time. >> Read more on law school admission and tips.

Graduate Degree in Computer Science- Computers are hot. This field grows at leaps and bounds and will continue to. Computer people are needed. But a graduate degree? Not really. Very little difference in pay for those with just a bachelor's degree. How do computer science majors increase their pay? By getting experience by actually working. Those people are sought after.

Fine Arts-This one is a no-brainer. A Masters in Fine Arts is pretty useless. In fact, you will be upside down on a career versus student loans for a long time. If ever there was a graduate degree to avoid, this is it. The pay is lousy overall, and just getting a job is pretty tough. For those who have Fine Arts degrees, very little difference between advanced degrees and those without.

The bottom line is to research college degrees before you start college. And certainly you want to make the right decision on grad school. If not, you will be saddled with a huge amount of student debt, and not a salary that matches. >> Read more on graduate school admission tips and financial aid.

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