Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Should you go to graduate school?

Sometimes your undergrad degree just won't cut it or lead to the job you really wanted. After graduating, many college students are thinking about grad school. Should I go, or not?

Many college students are not sure of what to do after graduation. Somewhere they have heard the myth that if you don't know, then just go to grad school. Not true. The only time you actually really need a graduate degree is if the career of your choice requires one. If not, why spend your time and money getting a degree that's a waste? Don't think it will make you more marketable. How about over qualified? Most grad students take out even bigger student loans!

Speaking of "more marketable." You will NOT be more more marketable except in jobs that require an advanced degree. Did you know it may actually make you less desirable? Because instead of getting valuable experience working in some job, you have spent the last 2 to 3 years staying in college. This only delays you getting a job! And what college grad does not need a job to start paying off that mountain of student loan debt?

One final thought. After getting an advanced degree, will you be applying to any and all jobs? If so, many job interviewers will think that you are only applying for a temporary job, IF your grad degree does not match it. After all, you went to the trouble of getting it, right?

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