Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Colleges are giving less in scholarships and grants

The past few years have been hard times for everyone. College students included. That's why many colleges and universities were giving out more monetary aid. To help students and families afford college. But those times are ending. Many schools have been hit hard by the recession as well, and now they need to cut back. College students can expect less money available from their schools. Colleges have their own ways of helping students, with grants and scholarships. But the money is not as plentiful as used to be as colleges cope with their own cost-cutting measures. It has been reported that as much as 15% less money is now available. That's quite a bit. Because of this, college students really need to step up their game for this money. Grants and scholarships do not need to be repaid. Taking as little in student loans will help in the long run. First thing is to realize that colleges are probably making it tougher to qualify for the aid. Only the really good students will qualify. This is especially true for merit scholarships. Strive to be an A student. Applying early is also a good idea. Grant and scholarship money from the college you choose is not without end. The money will run out. Applying as early as possible will put you at the front, not the back when the money runs out. Because tuition and fees continue to rise, and money getting tighter, the amount a college student borrows will just keep increasing. There are many http://needycollegestudents.com/college-students-save-money.php, from going to a 2 year junior college first, or a cheaper closer school. Plan ahead. Apply early. Expect to borrow more. Keep your costs down.