Friday, April 9, 2010

High paying jobs that you can get with a two year degree.

The number one problem with college today is the high cost. It costs a lot of money to complete a degree. Have you thought about alternatives to a four year degree? Many jobs only require a two year associate degree. That's mush cheaper than a four year bachelor's degree, and you can start work sooner.

Many traditional four year colleges offer associate degrees. And this could be an option. But going to a city or community college is really the way to go.

With the new tuition tax credits, an associate degree from a local city college can almost be free.

Here are some high paying jobs that require just an associate degree.

The medical field has some terrific job opportunities.

Dental Hygienists are at the top of the list because of their high wage. You may have to do this program at a four year college.

Registered Nurses are next. They have higher wages than dental hygienists, but you may have a long wait list at a community college.

X-ray (radiologist) Technician, Respiratory Therapists, and Surgical Technicians round out the medical field. Community colleges offer these, but the wait list may be long. Also, because of the competition, you need high marks on your prerequisites.

A lab technician in research or medical lab may require only an associate degree in chemistry or biology.

The legal field is ripe with opportunities as well to the people going for a two year degree. Paralegals and court reported will always be in demand.

Many government and engineering firms hire technicians to do field work, both requiring only a two year degree.

A great way to save money in college is to attend a two year school anyway. The first two years of almost any degree can be completed at little cost at your local community college. Then you will be able to transfer more readily to a four year school if you wish. An associate degree makes it even easier.

Doing classes online can save money as well.

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