Friday, September 2, 2016

How to Study Effectively

Studying is something all college students should be doing and doing well. But many students don't. If this is you, and you wish to change that, here are some good study tips. There are some classes you cannot fake. You have to actually learn and remember things.

Every day you should set aside some study time. If everyday is not an option, or you really don't need it daily, then do a weekly schedule. You MUST have regularly scheduled study time if you plan on studying best. Before a big exam, schedule longer sessions. Be determined to follow your study schedule. Make it a habit. Movies and fun can wait, not studying.

Some students like to listen to music or watch TV while studying. Not a good idea. But if you must, at least clear yourself from other distractions. Turn off your cellphone or put it in a place you can't get to it easily. Declutter your study area. All that should be there is study aids and books. You also need a schedule within your study time. Set a timer for 20 minutes or so. That way, you can take a break, stretch, clear your mind, go to the bathroom. You have to take these breaks, or your study time will not go well.

Study groups are not that great, actually. The more people you have, the less you can focus on your needs. Pairing up with another student or two is probably best. Have each of you come up with study questions and answers and go over them. You want to pair up with other students who are of the same mindset as you. Don't think you are going to help someone who is a goof-off.

Don't cram. Don't study at the last minute. Don't be a student who is nervously rifling notes at their seat even as the test is being passed out. It will not do you any good. Be prepared before you get there. Get a GOOD night sleep. Eat light and healthy. Bring whatever you need for the exam--pencils, pens, blue book, etc.


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

College Students and Sleep

We would guess that many college students do not get enough sleep. And this might be one reason to do poorly in classes. Remember, you are in college to study, learn, and graduate to a good future. You can sleep all you want AFTER graduation.

You need a plan of attack for sleep. This starts with your daily plan. You need a routine. Each day is probably different, but your bedtime should be the same. Make it a habit to do a daily schedule, and pencil in bedtime. This also means that the time you get up should also be planned, and regular. Going to bed and getting up at the same times will eventually ensure a good night's sleep.

Don't study, read anything important, exercise, or do something that can stimulate you roughly 2 hours before sleep. This again means getting and keeping a schedule.

Eating might be a another problem. You cannot expect to get a great night's sleep if you eat large snacks or meals just before laying down. Forget the coffee and sugar drinks as well. Wind down with some gentle tea or something. Sleeping is all about relaxing, even your stomach.

Don't go to sleep with the TV going, radio, or earphones. if you can, turn your phone off, and don't check it if you wake in the middle of the night. Computer screens should be off. If this is impossible, invest in a cheap blindfold.

With a little planning, sleep can go a long way!

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