Sunday, March 6, 2011

College students can be ripped off.

College students are very vulnerable to identity theft and getting ripped off. College is expensive enough without having to pay for scams and other things. Keep a close eye on your wallet. Watch out for these things can really dent your college budget.

If you buy a high priced item, like a stereo or ipad, the salesmen will try and get you to buy lots of extras to go with it. Chances are, you don't need them. And the costs will add up. You don't need a fancy carrying case, cover, stand, ear phones, or whatever other add-on they try and push on you. These items last of taken care off, so a college student should not waste money on paying for extra insurance. Chances are you will never use it. The exception is if you are prone to leave things around the dorm. You may want theft insurance, but can probably get this as part of your parents' homeowners insurance. Bottom line on that is to keep tabs on your property while in college.

College students use smartphones and laptops a lot. You get texts and emails. Sometimes these are scams. Don't open texts or emails when you don't know the sender. Don't fall for text scams that will get you to click then bill you on your phone bill. Never give your social security number, birthdate, or other personal information to anybody via text or email. You may get scam phone calls as well.

Are you close to your grandparents? Many college students are. There is a grandma scam going around. You get an email from your grandma's email account, with some sob story of how she is stuck somewhere and needs cash. She asks you to help. Don't do it. People are having their emails broken into and scamming people with these. Check home first if you think it may be legit.

Spring Break is near, and college students will be traveling. Don't be ripped off by travel scams. You will not get free trips by doing anything, no matter how hard a salesman tries to push you. Chances are, the free will cost you plenty. College students cannot afford to toss money away. Pay for trips with a credit card. That way you will be protected.

College students may need some quick cash. Do not get suckered into an offered loan by sending money. The scam works by asking you to pay a fee upfront, then they will send you the loan paper. Chances are, you will never see the loan and say good bye to your money.

College students need to be smart with their money!

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