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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things to consider about financial aid and your college

Colleges and universities can claim to meet your financial need or give the best package. But you should be aware that there is a difference from school to school and that can affect you.

Some colleges have enough grants and scholarship money to cover your costs if you qualify. But many will make up the difference with federal student loans and others.

Many colleges take into account a student's family income. Some have a cap. Depending on the school, you may be expected to contribute more.

The total cost of education that the college or university is supposed to calculate is based on the costs of tuition, books, fees, and other things. Some schools will use a lower amount for costs other than tuition and come up with a different number than another school. This can make their cost seem lower, when actual costs may be larger.

Do your parents own a home? Some schools will weigh that in and might expect some sort of contribution based on the equity of the home.

Are your parents divorced and remarried? This might matter. Federal guidelines take into account only your real parents. Others will take into account step-parents as well.

Some colleges have strict cutoff dates as to when you need apply. If you are one day late, too bad.

Find out if your school offers merit scholarships for anyone, not just need-based.

If you have money, did you know that can affect your admission? Some schools will hold some seats just for cash paying students.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

College students getting credit

If you are a college student, you may think you need a credit card. The purpose of the credit card should not be to just get in debt buying things you don't need.

A credit card can help a college student purchase a needed item that they lack funds currently for. It should not replace your financial aid or even a job. Getting yourself in debt with a credit card is not a good idea. You should try and pay the balance off each month.

Getting a credit card in college used to be easy. Every major bank offered college students a credit card. They figured they were a good risk, as a college graduate has a better chance at a high paying career.

But those days are over. Banks are limited in offering credit cards in general, especially to college students. So, how does a college student get a credit card? You could ask your parents to put you on one of theirs, but that's not really yours, is it?

A college student needs to establish good credit sooner or later. One of the easiest ways of starting a credit history is to apply for a gasoline credit card. All the major brands offer one, Shell, Chevron, just to name two. Normally getting approval is easier than a regular credit card. They don't usually have strict qualifying prerequisites as a major credit card does.

If you get the gas credit card, your credit file can now be started by charging something small and paying it off at the end of the month.

But you ask what good is a gas credit car except for gas? Simple. Gas stations do not just sell gas anymore. They sell food, drinks, coffee, snacks, magazines, books, and just about any other item you can get in a general store. And your gas credit card is good for these items most likely at the store connected to the gas station. Some even come with the ability to get a cash advance.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

College Money Help

Besides the normal places to hunt for college money, there are places where few think money for college can be found. Don't overlook these.

The company that your parents work for may offer tuition benefits for families and employees. have your parents check this out. More college money may be found right there!

Do you or your parents belong to a union? Many unions offer college money help and scholarships.

Many local businesses offer local high school students scholarships. Ask your high school counselor for information.

Civic and business groups also offer various grants and scholarships. Do a little local research.

Are you interested in ROTC? The military offers college money assistance for members who are looking for a military career after college.

Peruse through the magazines at your local library, or even ones laying around the house. Many of these have or list essay contests or other ways to compete for college money.

Many products, like cereal, may have contests on the boxes.

Deadlines are important! Don't get left out. Check the dates very carefully.

With college becoming more and more expensive, you should do all you can to secure a little more college money help.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

High price of college textbooks

College students seem to have no problem paying for movies, music, and other stuff like that, but when it comes to textbooks, college students hate that expense. So, finding a way to combat the price of textbooks seems be a popular pastime.

Yes, you could just not buy the book, but that lowers your success rate for the class. A textbook is a much-needed crutch and study aid. You could share a textbook, but then that is inconvenient. Click here for ways to find cheap textbooks.

There is a new way to save on college textbooks. Download them! Get a digital copy. is a new website that allows just that. They have about 7,000 titles online right now with more to come. This will become more popular as time goes on and students use digital textbooks.

There are some pitfalls to digital or online textbooks. Because it is digital, there will probably be no refunds if you withdraw from the class. You can't sell it back either, and it your license may expire in a few months. You will not have the book for future reference or future classes. But, the cost should be much lower than a print copy that you probably won't worry. With apple's ipad, digital textbooks will become more normal and widespread.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Graduate school may be perfect in a recession

During economic downturns, graduating college and getting a job afterward become harder. Many companies have down-sized or are just not hiring. That's why graduate school may be a good option.

Not only does it put off getting a job right away, but it gives you a chance to test out what advanced skills may be better for you. You can find out if you are really cut out for your chosen profession by getting to know those who have advanced in the field.

Graduate school also puts off getting a job right away. Financial aid for graduate students is readily available.

Going to graduate school right away will also give you a leg up on the competition. You will get advanced skills and experience. This will help put you to the top of the list when you eventually go job hunting.

However, choose your graduate major wisely. Many graduate schools accept students who do not have the undergraduate degree in the field. Law school is one of these.

If you have not graduated yet, see if you can take a graduate level course in your senior year. This will help you decide if graduate is actually right for you.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Working College Students, the good and the bad.

Are you a college student who has a job and is working their way through college? You are not alone. In these days of rising tuition and less money for college assistance, many students have found it necessary to get a job off campus.

There are some bright sides of working and going to college, as well as downsides.

Students who work and work less than 20 hours a week seem to have a better GPA overall. But those that work more than 20 hours seem to have a slightly lower GPA. The bottom line is to not work too much or your studies will suffer.

A part time job can help pay for your fun. That is, you won't be sitting in the dorm on the weekends being a broke student. Having a few extra dollars helps.

Be aware of your budget. Working students may be more thoughtful when it comes to keeping a budget. They work hard for extra money and keep track of it closer.

Because of the time spent working, you won't have a lot of free time. Including less study time. If you are a successful worker, you will also manage your time wisely.

If you are lucky, you can get a job that is in your chosen field. You can see what your proposed college degree may get you into. You may well decide that whatever industry you have a part time job in is not for you.

Working in college will also allow you to add some extra things to your resume. You can tweak most any job to reflect highly on you.

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