Sunday, February 14, 2010

High price of college textbooks

College students seem to have no problem paying for movies, music, and other stuff like that, but when it comes to textbooks, college students hate that expense. So, finding a way to combat the price of textbooks seems be a popular pastime.

Yes, you could just not buy the book, but that lowers your success rate for the class. A textbook is a much-needed crutch and study aid. You could share a textbook, but then that is inconvenient. Click here for ways to find cheap textbooks.

There is a new way to save on college textbooks. Download them! Get a digital copy. is a new website that allows just that. They have about 7,000 titles online right now with more to come. This will become more popular as time goes on and students use digital textbooks.

There are some pitfalls to digital or online textbooks. Because it is digital, there will probably be no refunds if you withdraw from the class. You can't sell it back either, and it your license may expire in a few months. You will not have the book for future reference or future classes. But, the cost should be much lower than a print copy that you probably won't worry. With apple's ipad, digital textbooks will become more normal and widespread.

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