Wednesday, March 17, 2010

College Financial Aid Myths

Do you think college is expensive? It is! Do you think you can't afford it? You probably can! There are many myths and half-truths when it comes to going to college. It is true that college is not right for everyone and their situation. But if you really want to go to college, chances are, you can!

Here are a few financial aid myths.

My parents are just too rich. Totally false! There are financial aid programs from every college for everyone. It is true that some pay more, but the reality is, colleges work with you no matter how well off you might seem.

There's no money for financial aid anymore. Really false! It is true that some colleges and universities have cut the overall funds, but they have raised others! And the federal government has upped Pell Grants and student loans! Plus, you get a bigger tax deduction! There is money for financial aid!

Did you know that most financial aid comes from the government? Don't believe the hype of those scholarship searches who claim they will get you plenty.

I did not get good grades, so I can't get any award. Not true! Most financial aid is based on need, not grades. Yes, there are some merit scholarships, but the majority of money awarded is awarded on need!

I have to work, so I can't go to college. Actually, you are in a better situation! You have some income! Colleges are adding more weekend and night classes just for you! And you can still qualify for student loans and other financial aid awards!

I have to settle for a state college or university because private ones are just too expensive for my family. Nothing could be further from the truth! Overall, maybe, private institutions cost more, but guess what? They also have more money to give away! Many large private universities actually get everybody who is admitted the money to attend, one way or another!

I need to live at home and go to a local college. Except for moving expenses, your cost of living in a dorm will probably cost less than what your parents would shell out for you being at home. Don't forget those tax credits! They can still claim you! There is not much difference in staying at home and living in the dorm. Most parents just don't realize how much money you cost to have around the house!

Did you know that your parent's house is not included when figuring out financial aid?

Are you aware that colleges will take your financial situation into account when determining your financial aid award? You can explain any financial situations and hardships that you would like them to know about.

Be careful. Your friends and family will tell you different things. Talk to your high school counselor and the financial aid officer at the college. They have the real scoop!

If you really want to go to college, there is no need for you to sit on the sidelines! It takes you filling out applications and talking to the right people!

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