Sunday, September 12, 2010

College degrees that have the most job opportunities

Think the job market for college grads and others is shrinking? It depends on what your training is. If you are going back to school or just starting, here are some college choices to get the most job offers.

Engineering is still hot. In fact, the highest paid college graduates are in the engineering field. Not all engineering grads are the most wanted. Chemical and green energy are biggies. Engineers geared for the future and not the past will remain in high demand. Computer engineering is great.

Computer science degrees are hot. Very hot. Go for information technology, systems analysts and software engineers. You can't go wrong with most anything in the computer science field, including security and databases. Related to computers comes video games.

Video game programmers and creators are a tremendous market. Get degrees or training in animation, game development, even film. Film, games, and computers are rapidly morphing into one big related field.

One career that is recession-free, is the medical field. Colleges will need to keep turning out doctors, nurses, and those in the paramedical field. If you go to college for the medical field, you will have plenty of jobs to choose from.
>>Medical school scholarships and loans.
>>Nursing school scholarships.

If you choose the right career and degree, college graduates can have employers waiting at their doors!