Friday, August 27, 2010

Two quick ways to make a college degree cheaper

When it comes to paying for college, the end result is always a college degree. When you put the overall cost into perspective, the dollars can add up. Here are five ways to make a college degree cheaper almost instantly.

1)Take courses at a local junior college. These are almost always city or state JC's. The cost of tuition is very, very small when compared to a four year college. Some students can take the first two complete years there, then transfer, saving them two years of strained college finances. You still get the same student loans and grants. So why not sock that cash away, then be fully funded for the next two years? The perks can also include a local university partnership. Many offer guaranteed admission if a student graduates from a local junior college. If a complete two year program is not for you, there is nothing wrong with taking one or two classes each term there. The cost saving can be significant. Just be sure the classes you take count towards a four year degree and are transferable.

2)Challenge classes with a test. Many colleges and universities allow you to take a test in lieu of taking the class. The few bucks for the test is pennies compared to the tuition and books for a college class. This will make your degree cheaper and quicker! Normally just freshmen or low level classes are testable. But any fewer classes you must take is money in your pocket.

Military service might actually get you college credit for your experience and military technical and trade schools.

The bottom line is that college tuition is going up. The more quick and easy ways you can cut expenses for a degree, the better!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to college savings tips

Don't purchase new school items if what you have on hand is still good. This goes for everything from pencils, backpacks, to clothes. If your clothes are not worn out, remember in college students can have their own identities and don't always need the latest fashions. This is a great tip for saving money for college right of the bat.

If you must shop, shop online. If you browse the stores in person, you will be enticed by all the fancy displays and new items. College students readily give in to buying urges. Shopping online allows you to get exactly what you need.

This is a no-brainer: Buy used textbooks. Of course this means shopping early at the college bookstore or online. You should get enrolled and a book list as soon as possible. More ways to save on college textbooks.

As a college student, you have to set a budget. And stick with it. You want to limit your purchases and save money, not live on the edge. Money you save is cash in your pocket for the future!

If you live in the college dorm, wait to see what your roommate has. No reason to buy items for a dorm room when your roommate might already have them. If you need something else, ask them to share the cost for items that the dorm room needs. This is ideal for TVs, lamps, chairs, rugs, etc.

As far as school items like pens, pencils, and paper, it is always wise to stock up early when the prices are cheap. College students should buy items in bulk packages. Don't buy one pencil, buy a pack of ten. Similar for paper and pens. You will use them, so why not stock up and save?

Look for sales. Every store has sales at the start of the school year. This can happen early, and may not run later. Savvy college students always shop during sales.

Get your student discount! If you have a college ID, many stores offer discounts for students. Take advantage of them!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ways to cut college costs

Going to college is expensive. Here are just a few more tips on cutting the cost of going to college.

Get good grades. Most colleges offer some type of merit award for good grades. If you maintain the required GPA, make sure you apply.

And keep getting those good grades! Not only does if give you a little more money, it also keeps you from repeating a class. One of the easiest ways to cut the overall cost of college is to graduate on time or early. Take as many classes as you can.

If you are a top notch student and colleges want you, you will get a better financial aid package. More money goes to the top students. So, if you are way down on the list, you will not get much. If money is tight, go to a school where you get in early.

Want to immediately cut the cost of college? Live at home. You probably live near a four year college or university that is within easy driving or commuting distance. Dorms cost thousands of dollars a year. Your parents will be paying no more than what they are now for you to room and board.

However, some private colleges and universities offer better financial aid packages than public. If they want you, they will offer more. It may actually be less out of pocket expenses to go to a private college that is a long distance away.

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