Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ways to cut college costs

Going to college is expensive. Here are just a few more tips on cutting the cost of going to college.

Get good grades. Most colleges offer some type of merit award for good grades. If you maintain the required GPA, make sure you apply.

And keep getting those good grades! Not only does if give you a little more money, it also keeps you from repeating a class. One of the easiest ways to cut the overall cost of college is to graduate on time or early. Take as many classes as you can.

If you are a top notch student and colleges want you, you will get a better financial aid package. More money goes to the top students. So, if you are way down on the list, you will not get much. If money is tight, go to a school where you get in early.

Want to immediately cut the cost of college? Live at home. You probably live near a four year college or university that is within easy driving or commuting distance. Dorms cost thousands of dollars a year. Your parents will be paying no more than what they are now for you to room and board.

However, some private colleges and universities offer better financial aid packages than public. If they want you, they will offer more. It may actually be less out of pocket expenses to go to a private college that is a long distance away.

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