Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New College Grants and Changes

The cost of college is going up, but at least grants are getting better. And, many colleges and universities are offering more scholarship and grant money of their own.

Federal Pell Grants are going up by $200. They are now at $5,550 for the maximum. Also, the Federal Government is letting more students qualify for Pell Grants. It used to be that your Expected Family Contribution had to be $4,617 or lower to qualify. Now, it can be higher and still get at least some type of grant. Read more on Pell Grants here.

There is something new for children of military members who dies in Iraq and Afghanistan. The federal government is now offering something called Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants. This grant is for $5,500 and can be obtained by any student in college that had a parent die while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The government is also giving out more Academic Competitiveness Grants. These are for college students who first qualify for Pell Grants, but also have good grades. These are from $750-$1,300 for freshmen and sophomores.

Are you majoring in math or science? Or even a well-demanded foreign language? Again, if you qualify for a Pell Grant, a junior or senior, and have at least a B average, you can qualify for a SMART grant of $4,000.

Yes, the cost of college has gone up, but the free money in the way of grants has increased as well.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

College Students and Hidden Money Source

Many college students find financing a college education to be quite hard. They don't like taking out so many loans and getting into debt. Grants and scholarships can help, and certainly you should get all you can. Even contacting your financial aid officer if there is a chance to get more. You have to ask!

Did you know that many college students have a hidden money source? Friends and family! Before you spend a lot of time, and maybe money, looking for false hopes on more money, you should tap into a resource that may get you quite a lot of money for college.

Get some nice cards or letters made up and send them to your friends and relatives who have a personal relationship with you. Explain that you are asking for donations towards your college education. It does not need to be much. Even $5-$25 helps. It can add up quite quickly if you are successful. For a little cost of stamps, paper, and envelopes, you may net at least a few dollars for the little things in college that add up.

Most of the time, your relatives will be most willing to help you. If you sold fundraising items as a child, then you probably know how much they helped. If you have relatives in town or close by, you can even offer something as a thank you. A car wash, babysitting, etc.

Nowadays everything is done online. So, instead of sending cards or letters, you can just send some emails. Did you know you can also ask strangers to help with your college fund? There is a website, This site allows you to set up a personal account and ask people to visit and donate online. The money will go directly to you, minus the fees that they charge. This site makes it easy for your friends, relatives, even complete strangers to give to your education! You have the ability to write a good promo page and self yourself.

Remember, your relatives love and support you already. Most will be glad to help out now for your college education.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

College Students and Credit

College students need to watch their credit and debts. It is coming quite common for a college graduate to be thousands of dollars in debt. That alone is not a bad thing. But, what kind of job are you going to get? High paying, mid-level, or low paying? Some careers start off slow, then the earnings increase. A college degree is still valuable, but beware of the pitfalls of a lot of student loan debt. Use credit cards as a last resort for college bills. Here are some tips to keep your credit good.

You should first find out what your credit score is and understand what the number means. Your credit score is based on your credit accounts, including loans of all kinds, and payment history. Once you get a credit report, you should look it over carefully and see if there are errors. You have the right to have written comments included in the report to explain anything you wish. This will not give you better credit, but, if a live person looks at your report, they will take into account what you wrote.

If you have a credit card balance, pay more than the minimum payment due. Even if it is just a couple of dollars. This will help you pay the debt a little faster. Trying to pay a debt faster is a good sign of credit worthiness.

Before you get into trouble making payments, get help. The first place to contact is the lending institution. There are many ways they have at helping you pay your debt, even working out different terms. If you wait until you are behind, the help will not be there. Protect your credit rating by not getting in trouble.

Stop using credit cards. Okay, that sounds simple. But many people look at a credit card as free money. It's not. You are better off using a debit card and keeping track of your money and spending. Not spending more than you have. Budget yourself with a plan. Credit cards should be a last resort for a major purchase that you absolutely need now, but don't have money.

Have only a couple of major credit cards and don't get or use gas station or department stores cards. They will entice you with all sorts of offers, but there is a danger that you will max them out quickly. And add to your debt level. Again, use a debit card or cash.

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