Sunday, February 19, 2012

Car insurance and college students: Your college location matters

Having a car may sound like a good idea for a college student, but it is just an unnecessary expense in most cases. Not only will parking fees, gas, upkeep cut into your college budget, but the insurance can be quite expensive. You want to make college as cheap as possible. That car you enjoy will cost a bundle in relation to the amount of time you actually use it. You probably will use it sparingly, and then only on weekends. If you insist on owning a car while in college, you may be interested to know that location is everything when it comes to car insurance rates. Here are the top 5 most expensive places for car insurance, and the 5 lowest. Keep in mind that areas near these are probably just as expensive.

Top 5 most expensive car insurance areas.
Detroit, MI.
Philadelphia, PA
New Orleans, LA
Miami, FL
Newark, NJ

Top 5 least expensive car insurance areas.
Roanoke, Va
Green Bay, WI
Wapakoneta, Ohio
Portland, Maine
Boise, Idaho

Source: Yahoo

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