Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Iowa Law Students May Not Need to Pass Bar Exam

Law students who graduate in Iowa may not need to pass the Bar Exam under proposed legislation. Law graduates will be able to start practicing law, so long as they stay in Iowa. They still would be required to pass the Bar for whatever state they choose to move to.

Iowa law students would need to do a few more things before practicing law in Iowa. They will need to take an elective course in Iowa, as well as pass ethics and character tests.

Currently, Iowa law students must wait four months before taking the Bar exam.

These changes are to help struggling law students with debt, and allow them to get jobs sooner.

Iowa is also looking to change their Bar exam to UBE (Uniform Bar Exam) thet is good for 14 other states.

Iowa would not be the only state to allow law students to practice law without the Bar. Wisconsin has allowed their law students to practice in the state with the Bar exam for 75 years. So if you are thinking of being a lawyer, dreading the Bar, those two states are an option for law school.