Sunday, October 9, 2011

College Degrees that get jobs

With unemployment still high, many people are looking at all options for jobs. Going back to college can be a great idea, and a ticket to a high paying, in demand career. Here are a few college degrees that are sought after and can lead to a quick, decent paying job.

The medical field is still growing, and growing rapidly. You don't need to be a nurse or doctor to get into this field. A quick two year degree in medical assisting can get you work in a doctors office or related business. Medical assistants perform various clinical tasks, and some clerical. These positions will continue to grow as the medical field expands and gets more technical.

A law degree takes years. But most law offices need legal groundwork. This is done mostly by paralegals. Becoming a paralegal is as short as a two year degree. Any law office utilizes these trained professionals, from public district attorneys, to private law firms. Law research is what they do, and your degree will make you an expert at it. Some firms have internships as well to gain experience.

The computer world is still perhaps the fastest growing segment. You will probably need a bachelor's degree in information technology, or computer science. If you already have a year or two of college under your belt, think about a computer science degree. Anything from information technology to information systems and security is in high demand. It is a tough degree to complete, but has some of the best starting salaries around.

Anything business related is always hot. And a bad economy fuels the need for more. An MBA is not required. A bachelors degree in business will suffice as a starting point. Starting pay and demand is quite high in relation to other degrees. Switching to business after starting college is not hard. Yes, it could even lead you to get an MBA and be well ahead of the pack of job seekers.

If college is an option, no reason to just pick any degree. The degrees above will almost lead to guaranteed jobs. And high paying ones at that!

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