Friday, January 4, 2013

3 Ways for College Students to Earn Money Now

After the holiday break, you may be going back to college with a little less cash in your wallet. But there are ways to make some extra money, even for college students.

This may sound rather crass, but what did you get as Christmas presents?

Gift cards? If you did and you have not used them, why not sell them for cash? allows you to sell them for over 90% of their value. will buy them and pay by paypal or check. Having cash is probably more attractive than a new sweater or something.

Gifts? Unwanted gifts to be exact. What useless stuff did you receive? Why not sell the items on craigslist?

How about a part time job? has part time jobs listed for many areas. Working as a college student is actually the best way to put money in your pocket.

With a little effort, even broke college students back from the holidays can make some extra money!

How to be a teacher and find a teaching job.


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