Wednesday, January 6, 2010

College Tip: Turn old textbooks into cash

If you are a college student, you probably spend quite a bit on textbooks. And then you have a pile of them at the start of each new quarter. You should not let them lie to rot, but sell them to put some cash back in your pocket. There are many ways to do so.

Easiest place is probably the college bookstore if that's where you bought them. Look for the dates and times they are buying them back. But, they may not give as much for your textbooks as other places. Also, if you bought them at a local college textbook store, you may be able to sell them back there as well.

Beware of new editions. Many professors and students insist on the latest, greatest edition, but many times the old edition is just as good. You may have to ask for a lot less if there is a new edition. A way of saving on textbooks is to go with an earlier edition if you can. You can save a bundle.

You may be able to get more for your used textbooks by selling them online at ebay, craigslist, even amazon. You will probably need a paypal account as well. If you bought textbooks from an online textbook seller, like, you should be able to resell back on their website.

Other places to sell books: Social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace, but you may not get as fast of a response like on the previous mentioned.

Don't wait to resell them. A week after a quarter starts is probably too late. Factor in your shipping cost if selling it online.

Don't overprice your books. Just because the college bookstore gets $50 for a certain crummy used book, yours is probably worth $25 or less.

When you buy a textbook, keep in mind the reselling process. That is, keep the book in great condition. Students like marking and highlighting texts. If you plan on reselling your book, skip the defacing. Keep the pages and corners in good condition. And most important, keep all materials it came with: study guides, cds, cards, etc. This will make the book more sellable and worth more.

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