Wednesday, November 17, 2010

College student's budget busters

There is more to a college budget than books and tuition. In fact, those will be more manageable than the costs of other things that most college students want or need while in college. Many things are not thought of and can bust any college budget.

Here are just a few costs of college that are normally no in your budget.

Outfitting a dorm room. Shelves, bedding, and other accessories to make your dorm comfortable will add hundreds to your costs. Shop wisely and think used.

College Parking fees. This can add up to $50 a month. Leave the car at home if you can help it. Do more things on campus. Like study. Car insurance can be expensive. Read some tips of cheaper car insurance for students.

Students and Electronic gadgets. Cell phones, a new laptop, maybe an ipad or ipod. These are budget killers. Students should make an effort to acquire these items before college, or better still, just go for a laptop. The others you may not need.

College outerwear. From school sweatshirts to college team hoodies. You may feel the need to show some college pride. Choose items that you could wear on a daily basis. Get it to do double duty, not just school sports attendance. Sometimes the college bookstore sells these items for a lot less than brand names.

College students love snacks. Even if you have a meal plan, you will need snacks and food in the dorm. Most students do not know how expensive food is, as their parents supplied it for free. Buy bulk items and put in snack bags to lower the cost. Avoid single pack snacks. They are expensive.

Off campus activities. You will want to get away from campus. Movies and coffee shops for example. These can be college budget busters. Be sure and ask for local student discounts.

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