Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's never too late to get money for college

Now is the time to start thinking about financial aid and paying for college in the next school year. After the first of the year, be sure and get that FAFSA in. However, if you are one who waits for the last minute, there can be hope. Getting money for college at the last minute is doable.

Look for scholarships that are offered at all times of the year, not just before the term starts. Read Tips for finding college scholarships.

Talk to your financial aid office. If you can't scrape up enough money, they can probably find a way to keep you in school. Sometimes they get money later, or even leave some set aside. The financial aid office should be the first place you look. They even make low cost loans and have payment plans for tuition.

Once you get your financial aid award, you can always ask for more. Many students don't realize this. Your circumstances may change and warrant a little more cash tossed your way. Read Tips for more financial aid.

A sure way of "having" enough money, is to take what you get and make a budget. Learn to save money in college. Make the most of the money you have. Sure it means cutting out extras and fun, but after graduating, you will be free to to these things. Getting through college should be your main priority anyway. Read 30 tips to cut college costs.

It not sound too good, but getting a job while in college is always an option. There are numerous jobs on and off campus. Many businesses can work around your schedule if you are willing. It can be tough to work and attend college, but if all your efforts are put into doing just that, you can make it.

As a last resort, as your relatives. You would be surprised as to how many relatives may contribute to your college fund. Send out a card or letter, making a professional pitch.

Getting money for college can be a daunting task. But a college education is well worth it. Be creative in your ways to get, earn, and save money for college!

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