Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How college students can save on rent

For many college students, the dorm is not an option, or they just don't want to live on campus in a cramped dorm room with a bunch of other students in the same room and building. But renting can be very expensive compared to the dorm. Here are some ways of saving money on rent.

The best way to save money is to not get the first apartment you see. You need to shop around and see what's out there. Getting the best price may take some leg work, but even $50 less a month is almost $500 for the school year.

It may seem counter to what college students should do, but signing a lease may get you a few dollars off the rent. A longer lease generally comes with better terms. The downside is that during summer, you will need to find someone to take over the payments, or live there yourself. Every college has a summer term and there are students who need rooms just for the summer.

Speaking of renting rooms, that's another way to make rent cheaper. Rent a spare room. It could either be to another college student, or maybe a tourist in town. The latest thing is renting rooms to tourists as the cost of hotels continues to skyrocket. This is better than the dorm, in that you can pick and choose a roommate.

Consider your location. Rooms near a college may be more expensive than just a few more miles away. Supply and demand is in play here. You will be competing with other college students looking for rentals. The further away you can live, the cheaper the rent. Maybe. You have to weigh the distance with price.

A good deal is rents that include anything free. If you can scoop up a place that tosses in free trash, water, wi-fi, maybe even other utilities, that could be quite a savings right there. Everyone needs water and wi-fi. If you spend money on a gym membership, having a free one at your apartment complex can save some dough as well.

College is more expensive than ever. No reason why you can't make renting cheaper! How to be a teacher and find a teaching job

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