Monday, June 25, 2012

Career Jobs That do not Require a College Degree

The health care industry seems to just keep growing. People will always need healthcare, and as the baby boomers age, demand will only increase. Yes, doctors and nurses will be needed, but the top healthcare jobs that are growing do no require a degree. Or, in some cases, only require a two-year degree. If the healthcare field is something you would like to get into, but do not want to spend years in college, here are three such positions.

One of these is a health information technician and medical records. Many public community and career colleges offer these classes. You will probably need to earn a certificate, or go for a full two year degree in information technology in healthcare. If you would like a medical career, but do not necessarily like interacting with patients, this is the ideal job. You must be a person who is very organized and can keep track of details.
If you do like working with patients, consider becoming a medical assistant. Some of these jobs are like super secretaries. They can help run doctors offices from the front desk. You will be doing some paper work, like scheduling appointments. Getting the medical history of a patient is also withing your scope of practice. Some even do medical tasks, like vital signs and injections. Every medical office will have different requirements. A certificate in medical assisting from a career or community college is probably a must. You can earn a two year degree as well.
One of the biggest growing medical fields is in massage and physical therapy. More people are looking at alternative medical treatments and massage therapy is booming. Opportunities are opening up all over. You have to be good with your hands and work very well interacting with people. A massage therapists will probably need a certificate. Physical therapists, which are more involved in the medical field, will probably want to go for a bachelor's degree, but it is not required to be licensed. Check with your state on what it takes to become a licensed physical therapist.
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