Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best places for college students to find friends

When you become a college student, sometimes your social life suffers. That is, you find yourself alone a lot, maybe even without a significant other. In college, you really do need friends to hang out with and talk. If something else blossoms, well, maybe that's icing on the cake. Here are the best places to meet people in college on a personal level.

The dorm-You will see many people walking down the halls, maybe right across from you. Say hello and introduce yourself. If they are in the same dorm, they are perfect for creating a relationship, at least for the school year. Maybe beyond. Don't live in the dorm and be a stranger. You may need their help, and best of all for you, they may seek you out for help in college.

The college library-This is where college students are usually hanging out alone. Wander the book aisles and look for someone interesting. Look at the books they are looking at and strike up a conversation.

The classroom-College students like sitting in the same place during class. Pick a seat and see who pops up next to you. If you sit in the same place each time, and so do they, talk about becoming study buddies.

A fraternity party-Frat parties are usually full of people. But we mention this only in passing. Frat parties are probably not the pace to find lasting relationships on college campuses. But, it does get you noticed by other students. The more fellow students you are around, the better chance of finding friends.

The food court/cafeteria-See a student eating alone? Ask if you can sit next to them and then start a conversation. Talk about how lousy the food is or how what they are having.

Be bold on campus-During warmer weather, you may see students by themselves, sitting on a bench or under a tree, and reading a book. Walk up and ask what they are reading and introduce yourself.

Now we are not really talking about college romances here. You need friends of both sexes. However, if you meet someone, they may turn into something special for the school year and beyond.

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