Thursday, December 24, 2009

Choose a college major wisely

College students normally have their majors in their heads before starting college. However, many make the mistake of picking something they really know nothing about, or a major that a relative told them to take. Here are some tips to help you decide on a college major.

Don't pick a major just because someone else wants you to. You will have to live the major the rest of your life. Do something you want to do.

Get to know everything there is to know about your major.
-Know the requirements.
-Find out your job prospects.
-Talk to someone in the major and someone who has completed it.

Do you really like a particular major, but find the classes may not be for you? Find out if there is an alternate route or another major that is close. There are many careers that many majors would get you to.

Watch your grades. If you are not getting A's and B's in your major classes, you seriously need to think about switching majors.

You don't have to lock yourself into a major soon. Yes, some colleges require you to declare a major around the first year of college, but you can switch. Talk to a counselor as to how you can change majors.

When choosing a major, you must factor in all facets. These include your happiness, your monetary prospects, and whether you have what it takes to complete it.

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